THE ULTIMATE GUIDE: 89 Powerful Ways to Make Extra money

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Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?
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Written by Joel and Leah DePeri

Automobile Negotiator

Are you confident that you can negotiate the lowest price when you are buying a car? You can be a tremendous help to someone who is not a tough negotiator. Let’s face it, buying a car is one of the most uncomfortable experiences imaginable. People often leave a dealership feeling that they have paid hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars more than they should. They need your help, and would happily pay you to negotiate the lowest price for them. Charge a fee for your service ($100-$200).

Sell Homemade Holiday Chocolates to Friends and Co-workers

THIS CAN BE A REAL MONEYMAKER – especially around the holidays. Purchase a variety of holiday chocolate candy molds (Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Mother’s Day) and chocolate candy wafers. Make some samples and create an order form. Pass them out to your friends and co-workers and watch the orders roll in.

I have personal experience with this one. My father was a teacher and he would bring some samples and order forms into the teacher’s lunch room a few weeks before a holiday. He would get many orders from people who were happy they didn’t have to shop for candies in the store. Most holidays, he was able to get orders that approach $1000. My mother would spend afternoons making them. The profit margin on homemade chocolates is IMMENSE. This is a fun, easy business to create and can put hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

Wash Outdoor Windows

Are you handy with a ladder? I have a great idea for you. Washing windows is not everyone’s idea of fun on a Saturday afternoon. Especially those hard-to-reach outdoor windows. Many people would happily pay you to brighten their windows for a reasonable fee. It won’t take you more than an hour or two to clean an average home’s exterior windows. All you need is a ladder (most times you can use the homeowners), some towels, a squeegee, and a good window cleaner. Charge a fee per window or one price for the entire house. 

Mend Clothing

This is truly a lost art. You will be everyone’s best friend if you have a sewing machine and the ability to hem, attach buttons, and make alterations. The charges for even minor alterations at the tailor can be expensive. This is a nice side hustle to have that will put money in your pocket all year round. I remember working with someone that was handy with a needle. Once word got out that she was on call, armloads of outfits seemed to instantly appear from appreciative co-workers who needed her services. Check prices at your local tailor and offer your talent to friends, co-workers, and family at a discount. You may discover that you’re the most popular person in town.

Sign Up for Ebates​

Highly Recommended!
We’ve used Ebates whenever we make an online purchase and have earned HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS CASH BACK. Simply sign up and earn a percentage of every sale that you purchase from a participating Ebates merchant.  Ebates mails you a “BIG FAT CHECK” (that’s what they call it) four times a year.
Here’s What’s Exciting-

  • More than 2000 stores participate (many of your favorites!)
  • There are more than 10,000 special discount coupons.
  • Many stores offer DOUBLE CASH BACK rebates!
  • Daily Hot Deals – (the day I wrote this Old Navy was giving 31% off your entire purchase).
  • Luxury Deals too!

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My friend did all her shopping online for Christmas and had a cashback check for $245 mailed to her!”        

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Clean House Gutters

I’m often amazed at how much home improvement services charge to clean your home gutters. It’s typically $50-$75 dollars where I live. Having clean gutters is a necessary homeowner chore that you just can’t ignore. Many people don’t want to do this on their own (or they simply aren’t able to do this). You can often clean the gutters of an average home in less than an hour. All you need is a ladder (often you use the homeowners), work gloves, a scoop, and a bucket. Gutters can be flushed easily if the homeowner has a hose. Price your service under the professional charge and you will have a customer that will happily call you again and again (sometimes 2-3 times a year).

Sell Your Digital Photos

Does making money while you sleep appeal to you? You should look into this lucrative way to make extra money if you like taking a lot of photos. You are probably aware of websites that sell photo images online. For a nominal charge, you can buy the right to use a photo in a media setting (brochure, website, magazine).

Are you aware that you can upload your photos for others to purchase? Here’s how it works – You make a commission of 25 cents to $5.00 each time someone purchases your image. The more photos you submit, the more money you make. The people who make the most money submit 10-15 photos a week until they have 1000 photos (not every photo will be accepted). When you get to that level, you can expect to earn about $500 a month.

Submit your photos to more than one website. Consider taking photos in niche markets – there are many people submitting photos of landscapes and scenery. Look for a different venue where you might not have too much competition (like an ethnic food market or behind the scenes at a pizza kitchen). Stay away from recognizable logos and people and properties (you need their permission).

Here are some of the most popular image websites –

Change Your Job

This is easily THE BEST WAY TO INCREASE YOUR INCOME. I recently read in a major business magazine that people should change jobs every three to four years for maximum gains. If you’re employed in a position for more than that (and you don’t see a path to promotion), then you should be looking elsewhere. Why settle any longer for yearly 2-3% increases if you can increase your salary by 20% simply by changing your employer?​​​​

Negotiate a Raise

If you like your job and feel you are doing more than expected, then you should ask for a raise. It’s too late to ask for a raise during your annual review. Ask about three or four months in advance. Really put some thought into why you deserve a raise before you meet with your boss. What increased responsibilities have you taken on? How have you saved the company money? Make an appointment and make a good case for yourself. If you present yourself well, it’s very likely that your request will be seriously considered.

Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards

We all have gift cards that are just sitting around not being used. TURN YOUR UNWANTED GIFT CARDS INTO CASH! This is really easy to do. Gift Card Granny is a service that ranks the leading gift card websites and tells you where you can receive the most cash for selling your gift card. Simply enter the brand or restaurant and how much is on your gift card. Get a quote in seconds. 

Start a Blog of your Own

There are many reasons to start a blog. You may want to promote your business, make some extra income, or just make some new friends. We want to help make our world a positive place. This is our contribution. We’re reaching out and trying to make a difference. We want to help people manage their finances better so they have extra income for the things that they love. There are too many people struggling unnecessarily today. It’s our intention to create a thriving community that helps our readers live their best life.

Take our advice – Stop thinking about it and just start. Sign up on our link for less than four dollars a month.  Never in history has it been possible to reach so many people for a few dollars. THIS CAN BE LIFE-CHANGING. You just have to get off the sidelines and step up.

Start a Business on Fiverr​

Who would have imagined that it would ever be so easy to start a business. Everyone has something that they are really good at. Create a listing on Fiverr and offer your service worldwide. This is an EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY to make extra money. You may even eventually replace your job. Fiverr offers you the opportunity to set your own price. Start minimally at $5 and then create different pricing levels according to the value of the service you offer. I’ve seen many listings that offer services that are priced at $100 or more.

Referee Recreation Sports in Your Town​

Do you have a lot of energy and the expertise to referee a sport? Check with your town about being a referee for the soccer or football program. I have a friend who did just that and was able to accumulate a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT OF MONEY each year. His town paid him $40 a game. Sometimes he coached two games in an afternoon. This is a fun, lucrative way to make extra money for two hours of your time and get some exercise too.

Sell Bottled Water at Town Events

How many times have you been at a town recreation event on a hot day and wished for a cold bottle of water? Well, you’re not the only one! Here’s your chance to satisfy their desire. All you need is a rolling cooler, a few dozen bottles of water, and two bags of ice. Pick up your water at the local superstore for $3.99 for 24 packs and offer your bottles for $1.00. People will appreciate your service and you will sell out quickly. This is the perfect task to introduce young children to the fine art of earning money. Take them along to promote your product and you may spark a future entrepreneur.


We’ve all experienced this. Your child is having trouble understanding math at school. You watch them struggle. You know you have to do something and quick. They are starting to fall behind. You want to help, but realize that you don’t understand what they need to learn either. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to explain it properly.

You can be the answer to a parent’s prayer if you possess the knowledge to help their child. Most tutoring averages $40 an hour. You can even earn more if you are able to teach such challenging high school subjects as algebra, calculus, chemistry, physics, and SAT prep. Most tutors meet with a student weekly. This is an incredible opportunity to earn an above-average hourly fee as well as help a child with a difficult subject.

Write Kindle Books

This has been a very lucrative opportunity for many people. The easiest way to get started on your first Kindle book is to write about a subject you are passionate about. Create an outline and then write 500-1500 words a day. Have your copy proofread and then head over to Amazon to learn about how to have it formatted. You can have an attractive cover designed on Fiverr. Price your book to sell – $2.99 is a popular price point.  Writing your first Kindle book is exciting, but you really need to learn more about the high-value marketing strategies that work best if you want to earn some serious money from this. Good luck!

Walk Dogs 

Starting a dog walking business can be a lucrative way to make extra money. It can be a lot of fun too. You get some exercise and you play with dogs. It’s easy to get started. Make some flyers and spread the word around the neighborhood. I see dog walkers earning anywhere from $12 to $17 for a 20-40 minute walk. I have a friend that does this. She walks 7 dogs and makes herself close to $100. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but she works just 4 hours a day! I even see an ambitious man in our neighborhood who regularly walks 6 dogs at one time. Imagine how much he earns for two hours of time!

Work for a Temp Agency​

Are you between jobs and wish to keep your skills current? I would suggest that you contact a temp agency. Most of the positions available have terms that are completed in a number of weeks. There are many advantages of working for a temp agency – you have an opportunity to work with companies that are in your field of interest, you’re able to maintain a steady paycheck, and you may be placed with a company that can be noted on your resume. Sometimes you are even offered a permanent position with a company if they like you.

Sell on Etsy

You can realize your dream of selling your homemade arts and crafts online by starting an Etsy business. Just a few years ago, the only way to promote your creations was to get a booth at a craft fair or flea market. Now, thanks to Etsy, you can easily market your crafts to hundreds of thousands of passionate buyers from the convenience of your own home.

If you are serious about creating a craft business of your own, we recommend that you pick up a book written by an expert who will teach you the secrets to being successful. Why waste time learning by trial and error? An expert Etsy seller can teach you how to write highly effective copy, take professional-level photographs, promote your Etsy store through social media, the best practices for customer service, and pack and shipping.

Join a Market Research Focus Group​

Get paid for your time testing new products or existing products that have been changed. When a business needs to evaluate how a product will perform in the marketplace, they hire the services of a consumer research company. A small group of people is asked to give their opinion of a product. Sometimes the reactions of participants are judged by clients that listen and observe without being seen. Depending on the product, participants are typically paid $50 to $150 depending on the length of time invested (usually an hour or two).

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shoppers pose as everyday people and rate their experiences. They may be asked to attend events, shop in stores, eat in restaurants, talk with employees, or act like a problem customer. They submit a detailed report about their observation when they have completed their assignment. Mystery shopper positions are sometimes available through market research companies, though you can work independently and seek assignments on your own. 

Teach English to Children in China

VIPKID is an English learning company based in Beijing, China. They have already hired more than 4000 tutors to teach English one-on-one online to 5 to 12-year-old children in China. Their goal is to ultimately hire 25,000 tutors. You can make up to $22 an hour and set your own hours. You need to work a minimum of 7.5 hours a week. This is an exciting opportunity to help a child master a new language. 

Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Many people have some jewelry at home that they aren’t wearing or have gone out of style. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE HIGH PRICE OF GOLD TODAY and exchange your unwanted jewelry for some much needed cash. Many jewelry stores offer a gold-buying service. They will weigh your jewelry and state a price they are willing to offer you. I recommend that you get a few estimates. The price varies from jeweler to jeweler – sometimes there is a large difference. You don’t even need a large assortment of jewelry to make some extra cash. Even a small pair of earrings may put $50 in your pocket.

Road Kill Collector

Road Kill Collectors spend their days driving around looking for road kills. They may be responsible for a portion of a highway, a couple of towns, or a county. As you can imagine, it’s not an easy job. It can pay well though. A recent CNN article described a road kill collector in Pennsylvania who gets paid $40 per deer. He averages 1800 deer a year. That’s $72,000 a year! It’s advisable to have a sturdy truck with a rope system and a lift gate to hoist larger animals. Positions are available through state governments, the Department of Transportation, or private contractors. 

Sell Used Books on Amazon

Selling used books on Amazon is a great way to make extra money. Open an Amazon Associates account and list your books for sale. Amazon will notify you once a customer has purchased it. The price you receive will be in relation to the condition of the book. Sometimes you will be able to make close to the retail price of the book. Most times you won’t, but don’t let that dissuade you. Some of the common titles will only fetch a penny. In this instance, Amazon will pay you $3.99 which comes out of their commission and your postage charge. Even so, if you mail in a lightweight envelope and send via media mail, you can still make $2.00. You will see some sellers with thousands of completed orders. They accumulate books at library book sales and garage sales. It’s possible for you to do this too. You can make some extra cash ($50+ weekly) if you sell 10-15 books a week.

Install and Setup Desktop Computers for Seniors

This is another way to help someone and make extra money too. Older people are very interested in learning to use a computer. It helps connect them to their loved ones and reach out to those in their communities. However, it can be intimidating for someone to purchase a computer that is not familiar with all its features. You can be a big help to someone just getting started by advising them which computer to purchase and helping them set it up.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Starting your own Amazon FBA business will enable you to purchase merchandise at retail stores and then ship it to Amazon to be sold on their website. This has been very lucrative for many sellers, particularly if you are able to purchase clearance items at retail stores at a sharply reduced price.

I know someone who is an active participant in Amazon FBA. He shops at a local big box home furnishing retailer when they have their twice-yearly clearances. He purchases items at 50-75% off and then removes the store labels and sends them to Amazon. Sometimes he purchases cart loads at a time. Once he sends them, Amazon puts it on their website, boxes the merchandise, mails it, and handles returns. He is able to track the status of what he is offering and receives a deposit into his account once a month.

Overnight Pet Sit

It’s inconvenient for pet owners to leave their pets when they go away for vacation. They often feel their pet would be more comfortable at home than in an overnight facility. This is a lucrative service that you can provide. Some pets (cats, fish, hamsters) will need just one daily visit, but dogs will need several. Charge a set fee per night. Do this right, and you will get invited back the next time the homeowner is away. A dependable pet sitter is a treasure. A happy homeowner will tell their neighbors about your service.

Drive People to the Airport

If you’re dependable and have a reliable car: this can be a nice source of income for you. Many times it’s prohibitive to leave a car at the airport parking lot for a week or so. There is also a concern about how secure a car will be while it is there. People appreciate finding someone they can trust to bring them to the airport. Check a few local limousine services to get a quote and then price your service accordingly. You may want to charge more for inconvenient times – late-night pickup or early morning drop-off. Do this right and you can be assured of being called anytime they need a ride (as well as referrals and recommendations).

Teach Swim Lessons

Swim lessons at sports clubs cost $40+ an hour. Wouldn’t it be great to keep all the money instead of splitting it with the club? You just have to let people know that you are available. Create some flyers and pass them around. Schedule an appointment and teach someone to swim. It usually takes about 5-6 lessons before someone is comfortably swimming. You can earn $200 for each person you teach to swim.

Teach Seniors How to Use the Computer

You can provide a service to people who don’t know how to use a computer. Most of them are older and interested in the basics – how to send an email and how to use Facebook. Your service can help seniors feel confident on the computer. Create a flyer and post it in your library and senior citizen center. Charge a set fee per hour.

Grout Bathtubs and Sinks

No one likes talking about this. Cleaning and replacing bathroom grout is a real chore, but there is a business opportunity here. People will happily pay you to remove mold and whiten or replace their tub grout. You will need some grouting tools and a tube of silicone grout. A steamer will keep the scrubbing to a minimum. You can easily make $100+ for a few hours of work.

Join Upromise

Upromise makes it easy to save for college by earning credit on your everyday purchases. It’s simple to use and free to join. Register your credit card with Upromise to get cash back deposited in your Upromise account or register for a Upromise Visa to get additional bonuses. There are more than 850 retail shopping partners that participate. At the time I wrote this – Kohls, Staples, and Macys were giving 5% cash back for college. In addition, you can eat at more than 10,000 restaurants and get 5% cash back for college.

Weatherproof Homes

A nice side business would be weatherproofing homes. It’s something you can complete in a couple of hours and you can charge $200 for your time.

Here are some services you can provide –

  • installing door sweeps and weather stripping on doors
  • weather stripping windows
  • sealing cracks and gaps with caulk and foam
  • installing window installation kits
  • wrapping a water heater with a foam blanket
  • installing an attic door insulator
  • sealing switches and outlets

Adult School Instructor

 Do you have a special talent or expertise that you would like to share with others? Your local evening adult school is always looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable people to teach their skills to the community. Most classes are one night a week for two months. This is a good opportunity to make extra money and share your special talent with others.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable people to teach at our school.  If you have a special talent or expertise and would like to submit a proposal for consideration, you may want to contact them.

Teach Music Lessons

This is an excellent way to make extra money. The going rate is $30 to $40 per 45-minute session for a music lesson. Don’t pass on this opportunity if you are a musician and feel you could teach someone to play an instrument. Print up some flyers and let people know that you are available.

Rent a Room in your Home

Being an Airbnb host is a great way to make extra money if you have some spare space in your home. You could list and rent out your apartment or home or even a spare bed. Airbnb handles all the details and takes a small cut. This is an exceptional way to make some extra income, especially if you are in a location that is desirable (in or near a major city, near a college, in the mountains, or near an ocean).

Parking Lot Clean Up

You can have a lucrative business of your own clearing trash from sidewalks, flower gardens, lawns, and parking lots of local businesses. Charge a flat monthly fee to keep these areas clean and attractive. Some lots require daily cleanups, some require cleanups twice a week. This requires a very low initial investment (rake, shovel, garbage can, and a pair of gloves). Your clients will be shopping centers, banks, car dealerships, office complexes, grocery stores, and parking garages. It’s easy to get started. Approach local businesses and commercial management companies to tell them how you can keep their property looking clean. Work after hours or early mornings before they open.

Pizza/ Restaurant Delivery

This is a popular way to make extra money. You often get a small amount of money from the pizza place for each delivery. You have to use your own car (and pay for your own gas). The tips can be worthwhile though – especially if you live in an affluent area. I’ve done a poll and found that drivers make anywhere from $50 to $200 in an evening. Here are some tips (from pizza delivery drivers) to get you started… know the roads well, be efficient with your time so you get there quickly, be overly nice (compliment their home), apologize if something is wrong, and be sincere thanking the customer for their tip (they will remember to tip you well next time).

Create a Udemy Course

Do you feel you are an expert on a certain topic? You can create your own course on Udemy. You can teach anything you like and reach millions of people worldwide. Udemy handles all the details: course creation, hosting, marketing, and payment. We’re very impressed by how easy it is to share what you know. Take a look at this if you want to share your expertise and make extra money.

Small Scale Furniture Mover

Moving furniture is tough work, but it’s often worth your time and effort. This is a good opportunity for two guys and a truck to do small-scale moving ( a single large piece of furniture or more). Advertise your service on Craigslist. Pick a day to make your deliveries (usually on Saturday).

There are many opportunities for small-scale moving. One example would be estate sales – someone buys a dresser or a sofa and needs it delivered to their house a few miles away. You can charge a hundred dollars for that. I once paid someone $130 to move a piece of furniture 6 miles. It’s not unusual for two moving men to earn $500 in one day with just a few deliveries. You will work hard, but you will be paid well.

Uber Driver

Uber lets you use your own car to make extra money by acting as a private car service. You are required to have a newish four-door vehicle and you need to have a smartphone. You are ready to get started once you have completed a background check and a vehicle inspection. Just turn on your app and earn some extra money. Too busy or tired of driving, then turn it off. You determine your own schedule. Uber users register their credit cards with Uber and they are paid weekly.

Work at a Hotel or Resort

Millions of people are employed in the hospitality industry throughout the world. There are many positions to choose from (front desk, pool, and restaurants). Working at a large chain will give you a chance for advancement. There are many opportunities available to work part-time within hotels close to your home.

Have a Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is a great way to make a few hundred dollars on a weekend. It doesn’t get any better than this – you get to clear the clutter from your home and pocket some cash. This can be a real money maker… Gather up all your merchandise and be sure to price everything a few days before the sale. Price to sell – remember you want to get rid of this stuff. Get up early and set up by 7 AM. Many sales are made before the sale even starts. Advertising in the local paper is a great idea, but even better are BOLD handwritten signs. Place them on well-traveled roads and be sure to clearly mark a large arrow directing people to your home. Be friendly and work the crowd. Don’t be sitting in the corner. Always be ready to make a change. Try to sell everything. Price everything down by 50% by 2 PM. Donate what’s left to charity.

Cater Waiter

There’s always a demand for wait staff at special events – private parties, weddings, and corporate events. This is a much easier side hustle than waiting tables at a restaurant because the menus are set in advance. You may be asked to help set up for events, carry trays, serve guests, and clean up at the event’s conclusion. Positions are available through a hotel or catering service.

Substitute Teacher

Many local school systems are looking for people to fill in when teachers are absent. On any given day, approximately ten percent of teachers are not able to be at school. The position may last for a day, a week, or an entire year. Check with your school district to see what educational requirements are necessary in order to teach. You may need to be certified before you can substitute teach.

Movie/ Television Extra

This could be your chance to be on the big screen. People are often needed to fill in the background for films, television, music videos, and advertisements. You may be asked to sit in a restaurant sipping coffee, sit in the stands at a baseball game, or wait in line at an airport. Television and movies are being filmed every day. Register with a casting company, or check websites to learn when movie extras are needed.  

Amusement Park Employee

This can be a fun job.  Amusement parks hire tens of thousands of employees a year. This is an ideal opportunity for those who are looking for summer work. There are a variety of jobs available –  issue tickets or passes, maintain and operate thrill rides, work concession stands, be an entertainer, and work in restaurants and gift shops.


Are you handy around the house? Offer your home-based services to your neighbors and the local community. Light plumbing, drywall repair, painting, fall cleanup, plant/trim trees and scrubs, install gutter guards, hang shelving. Advertise on Craigslist to promote yourself.

Paper Route

People still like to get their newspapers delivered to their doorstep. You will need to be an early riser, be dependable, and have your own car. This is a good opportunity for people that want a steady second income.

Wash Store Front Windows

This may be a good opportunity if you live near a vibrant downtown area with many retail stores and restaurants. You should be able to get several accounts if you are charged a reasonable fee ($10 to $15 for a weekly cleaning). It won’t take long to service each location if you have the proper tools and cleaning supplies. You should be able to complete 5 locations in two hours.

Bing Rewards

Bing Search Engine Rewards help you earn credits for the searches you already make every day. You can redeem gift cards, donate to charity, or enter a variety of sweepstakes for high-value prizes. You can earn up to 15 credits a day using search engine search. There are additional opportunities to earn extra credits. There are $5 rewards for such companies as Amazon and Starbucks. You should be able to earn one or two cards a month. You’re not going to make a lot of earnings here, but you’re searching the web anyway. You might as well get some credit.

Buy at Garage Sales. Sell at Flea Markets

I have a friend who visits garage sales on Saturday mornings. She buys lots of smaller items that are priced well. Sometimes she will choose 20 items at a sale and then negotiate a price for the lot. She specializes in smaller items because she has a car and is limited in space. During the week she cleans and prices each item. She typically triples the price she paid at a garage sale. On Sundays, she travels about 10 miles away to a well-attended flea market where she rents a table. She earns about $300 to $400 each week.

Automobile detailing

Starting your own auto detailing business is a lucrative way to make extra money. This is a service you can provide to people that are interested in selling their cars on their own. Market research has shown that a car that has been detailed (clean, scratch, and swirl-free) is valued as much as $1000+ more. In addition, a detailed car will sell faster because it appears better maintained. You will have to do some research about how to professionally detail a car. I would recommend that you work part-time for a detailing company before you set off on your own.  You can earn $100 to $200 per car (more for additional services)

Lawn care

It’s amazing how much a lawn service will charge for something as easy as cutting a lawn. This is a task that you can do yourself to make extra money. All you need is a dependable lawn mower, an edger, and a leaf blower. Most lawns are quick and easy and you can finish in under an hour. Prices start at $25 and up (depending on the size of the lawn). You can also charge extra for additional services like seeding, fertilizing, and aerating. Let neighboring property owners know that you cut lawns. This way you can cut several that day without traveling to different homes. I would also offer to clean their gutters every couple of months. It’s just one of the monetary opportunities you will have once the homeowner trusts you.

Design Websites for Local Doctors/ Restaurants/ Retail Stores

Are you handy at creating websites? It amazes me that there are still many local services and businesses that have no internet presence. Even a basic website would be helpful to its customers. Many simple websites can be set up in a few hours of work. I noticed that a local business near us is creating simple websites and charging $400. You can charge extra for creating a Facebook page and monthly maintenance.

Limo Car Wash

Limo services need to have their vehicles washed and vacuumed every day so they appear clean and fresh for their clients. It’s expensive to pay someone an hourly wage to take the limos to a car wash. Some limo vehicles are difficult to accommodate within a car wash. You can set up a side business that washes and cleans limo cars where they are parked at the end of the day. It’s nice steady work. Charge by the vehicle.

Clean Houses

This is a year-round weekly opportunity that will earn you $30 – $60 dollars for less than two hours of your time. Many homeowners will gladly pay you to clean their homes. Determine whether you will bring your own materials or whether you will use the homeowners. Ask the homeowner exactly what you would like them to do. It’s important to be clear about this. You want to be invited back again. 

Shovel Snow

When I was younger, there was always a brigade of children running from house to house offering to shovel snow after a storm. That doesn’t seem to happen much anymore, but that doesn’t mean that the need no longer exists. I feel it’s best to contact people before the season starts to discuss the terms of your agreement. Then simply show up on snow days with a shovel (or even better a snow blower).

Sell What You are Passionate About on eBay

You can make extra money (and have fun) by turning your hobby into a profitable business. There are many avid collectors willing to pay big money to complete their collections. You can create extra income for yourself by buying and re-selling on eBay. This works especially well if you are knowledgeable and are a collector of a particular item.

Let me give you an example. I used to be very interested in older issues of National Geographic magazines. I realized it was possible to buy the entire 12 issues of a particular year and then split it up and sell each issue individually. This would double and triple my initial investment. One trick to making a good profit is to keep a watch on “just listed” items. This lets you see items as they are listed. Sometimes you can pick up a bargain that is priced low.

Pooper Scooper

pooper scooper business can be a great way to make extra money. Many people let their dogs loose within their yard a few times a day. Poop accumulates, but who wants to pick that all up? This is one of those opportunities that many will turn away from, but it’s a chance to earn some extra cash for just a few minutes of your time (you can most likely clear a yard within 20 minutes). Most pooper scoopers charge $10-15 per visit for a yard with one dog and $2 to $3 for each additional dog. You set the terms with the homeowner – twice weekly, weekly, and monthly.

Babysit Young Children

This can be a very lucrative way to make extra money. Babysitters today are paid $10+ an hour cash. You can adjust your rates to reflect additional responsibilities/ training such as watching more than one child, late nights, knowledge of CPR and first aid, picking kids up from school, and helping with homework. Parents are looking for someone who is dependable and trustworthy. You must love children. A good babysitter is in great demand and parents are willing to pay premium prices for ones that keep their children happily entertained.

Birthday Party Event Planner

Theme parties are very popular with younger children. This is your chance to make their party a success. Parents will appreciate knowing that they can hire you to take care of all the details. There are many theme parties that would be appealing to a young child. Here are a few to get started… Barbie party, tea party, superhero, beach party, pirate, space, and chef. Charge by the child. You take care of all the details – invitations, decorations, paper plates and cups, balloons, snacks, and goody take-home bags. The parents will most likely supply a cake because they will want it decorated specially.

Sell on Craigslist

There are many opportunities to make extra money through Craigslist. Items like power tools, yard equipment, high-end electronics, bicycles, and furniture can be bought inexpensively (and sometimes free) and resold at a higher price.

Here’s a tip… focus on a specific product and watch the listings closely. It’s possible to make a substantial profit because many times people don’t have a clue about how much something is worth and they will list it at a very low price. You can resell these items on Craigslist. Be sure to check how much the item list is on eBay. You can often make much more through eBay because it promotes your item to a much larger audience.

Chicken Sexter (aka Poultry Sorter)

Yes, this is for real!  A chicken sexter works on large farms or commercial hatcheries where thousands of chicks are born each day. It’s important that chicks are separated by gender. That’s when a chicken sexter is needed. Apparently, male and female baby chicks look very similar. A chicken sexter must have adequate training and a good eye for detail. A talented chicken sexer can sort 700 chicks an hour with 98% accuracy. This is a repetitive job. You must be around thousands of baby chicks each day. Chicken sexers are very much in demand and can earn upwards of $60,000 a year.

Museum Employee

A museum can be a cool place to work. There is a lot of excitement with new exhibits and special events. Visitors will perceive you to be an expert and will ask you questions about the exhibits. Museums are a great places to work if you’re the academic type and like learning and talking about interesting things. 

Garage Sale from Garbage Night Pickups

There’s always a way to make some extra cash! I learned this one from someone who had a pickup truck and a few hours a week of extra time. He used to drive around local towns on the nights before a scheduled garbage pickup and load up the truck with items that he thought he could sell. Many times they were perfectly salable. Some just needed a small repair. He would store what he found in his garage. Once a month, he would run a garage sale and sell everything he found. He estimated that he would collect items for a total of eight hours each month. Many of his garage sales would earn him more than $500.

Evening Office Cleaner

This is a great side hustle to make extra money. It can be very lucrative too. (I used to work at an insurance agency and an office cleaner would come in once a week for a little more than an hour and charge $50). Create an attractive flyer and distribute them in person to local offices. You will need some cleaning supplies – a dependable vacuum cleaner, mop, broom, cleaners, polishes, and plastic garbage bags. Many offices want a thorough cleaning once a week, though some want you to come in every night (like a bank or a library). Set a price depending on the square footage and the services they want you to supply.

Holiday Home Santa

This one is so much fun! It doesn’t get better than this. You can spread this opportunity over several nights before the holiday by making surprise visits. You can charge $30 to $40 for a personalized visit from Santa anytime before Christmas Eve. If you schedule your time efficiently, you may be able to make several stops each evening. It’s best to buy a high-quality realistic Santa outfit. Obviously, you would have to be a convincing Santa. This is an incredible way to earn extra money for the holidays.

Retail Salesperson

A retail salesperson has many different types of responsibilities – They must be friendly and helpful to all customers, stock shelves, answer questions about products, and ring the cash register. They must be available for a variety of hours (sometimes weeknights and weekends). 

Cook Meals for Housebound

There are many reasons that someone would need their meals cooked at home for them. They may be ill and not able to make themselves meals. Many times they are elderly. They may even be on a special diet for health reasons. You are responsible for creating a weekly schedule of meals, shopping, cooking the meals, and sometimes serving and cleaning up.

Drive People to Doctor Appointments

This is a great way to help someone and make extra money too. Determine a fee for driving as well as an hourly charge if you have to wait. This may take a few hours of your time, but it is certainly one of the easier ways to make some extra money.

Computer Virus Removal

I don’t think there are many things worse than having a computer that is disabled by a virus and malware. If you are an expert with computers, you can offer to help people online remotely, or in person at their home or office. Troubleshoot, fix operating system issues, and install new software. It’s best to charge a set fee for this service. Remember, people don’t want to stay away from their computers for a few days. This service must be taken care of with a sense of urgency.


Are you a good swimmer? Put your skill to work and get a tan at the same time! Condos and apartment complexes often have pools and need lifeguards. Determine how to get certified and make some extra summertime income.

Home Clean Out

Most times people inherit a house and want it quickly cleared so they could sell it. Charge a fee for the cleanout and then liquidate everything in a manner that will get you the highest price. You can sell some on eBay. You can put some in an auction house or list them on Craigslist. 

Child Day Care

Watch a child or two at your home. Check the price at the local daycare facility and then price your service accordingly. I think you will be very surprised at how much money you will earn doing this. Many parents pay over $1000 a month for day care!

Mobile Mechanic

We have used a mobile mechanic for years. He has saved us from incurring many huge repair bills at the service station and dealership. Advertise your service on Craigslist and then be ready to roll when you get a call. One other option is to have people come to your home for service. Our hired mechanic tells us what we need and we buy the parts (and save the garage markup). We make an appointment and he simply installs it. Many times we pay less than half of the cost of the local service station. That’s a big saving!

eBay Consignment

Many people have valuables that they would like to sell on eBay, but they just don’t know how. You can save them a lot of trouble and make yourself some extra cash. Research, list, box, and mail the items. Charge a percentage after you pay for expenses. I remember a local eBay consignment shop used to charge a 30% fee.

Teach Sports to Children

I remember when our 6-year-old son wanted to learn how to rollerblade. We tried and tried, but my son spent more time on the ground than on his skates. I would have happily paid someone to teach him. Many parents feel the same way, I assure you. Charge by the hour for teaching kids to skateboard, throw a football, or ride a bicycle. You will get some exercise and have fun too!

Prepare Homes for Movers

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are moving. Most times you discover you have much more to do than you anticipated. This is the time that people will happily pay you an hourly wage to help wrap, box, and label their possessions so that they safely reach their new homes.

Home Health Aide

Most people prefer to be comfortable at home if they are sick, disabled, or elderly. This is a good opportunity to help someone with the responsibilities of living at home. Whether it’s cleaning, shopping, running errands, cooking, or just providing companionship you can help someone live independently at home rather than being in a care facility.

Organize Garage/Estate Sales

Many people have a household full of merchandise that they no longer need. Here’s your chance to showcase your ability to promote, organize, and get the highest price for their treasures. Charge a percentage of the proceeds and you can make $100+ (and many times much more).

Local Tour Guide

Do you live in an area that is historical or popular with tourists? Well, no one knows the best places to visit or eat than you. Organize local walking tours that entertain and satisfy one’s palate for the best-tasting meals. This can be a lucrative side-line business. People are willing to pay for “insider” knowledge.

Photographer at Local Events

Weddings, birthday parties, holiday venues. Everyone likes to be part of the action. All you need is a fine-quality camera and the ability to capture those candid “must-have” shots. Offer your service complete with a disc as a keepsake of those special moments.

Hang Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Are you handy with a ladder? Many people like to see their house decorated, but aren’t able to hang their holiday lights and decorations (or they just don’t want to be bothered). Charge by the hour or one price for putting everything up as well as taking it all down.

Attend Police/Storage Unit Auctions and Resell on eBay

Check your newspaper listings and show up with some cash. Many times you can pick up some bargains that will bring high prices from a collector when advertised on eBay. You never know what you will find at these auctions

Mobile Oil Change

There is no longer a need to wait for your oil to be changed at a garage. Mobile oil change personnel come to your house or place of business. It’s so convenient! This is a good opportunity to build your own business. Besides oil, you can also offer to rotate tires, replace wiper blades and lights, and replace brake pads and rotors. You can also service companies that have a fleet of cars. They appreciate mobile oil changes because they don’t have to pay their personnel for two hours while they get the oil changed.


This is a great way to earn tip money! A good bartender is always in demand. Bartending is as much being attentive to your guests and keeping them happy as it is possessing an in-depth knowledge of alcoholic drinks. Here are some suggestions to get started – smile often, keep the bar surface clean, make drink and food suggestions, remember their favorite drinks, be honest, card under 21, and be professional. 

Play a Musical Instrument at Weddings

This is a fantastic opportunity to make extra money if you are a competent musician. You can play piano at a church wedding or cocktail hour, or other instruments and vocals during the reception. Musicians normally charge an hourly rate. You may be able to earn a couple of hundred dollars for just a few hours of your time.

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