are you fifty Paging your life?

New Life Chapter one

Have you ever asked yourself how many summers you have left?

Probably not. It’s not something we want to think about.

You may have four more, or maybe you will have twenty or fifty-three more. No one knows for sure.

Not knowing makes us wonder “How should I live my next summer? Will I take it for granted that there will be many more or will I live it as if it were my last?”

We hope you have chosen the latter. If not, we believe what you read here today will make you pause and consider.

Most of us are guilty of living from one day to another. The weeks seem to blend together. Sure, there are high points that were memorable, but there are many days when nothing happened that was worth noting.

That might seem OK, but really, it’s not.

Are you fifty paging your life?

I recently read a book called Pivot by Adam Markel. I stumbled upon it at the local bookstore. It immediately drew me in. Little did I know at the time, it would change my life. 

Adam says that most people will not read past the first 50 pages of a book before they give up on it. He believes that has to change because “when you read fifty pages and move on, you’re not just giving up on a book; you’re giving up on yourself.”

The fifty-page habit is likely showing up in other parts of your life where you may be giving up on yourself.

  • Are you fifty-paging your relationships?
  • Are you fifty-paging your children?
  •  Are you fifty-paging your health and fitness?
  •  Are you fifty-paging your money?

Adam says “If you’re only going two chapters deep in your life, you’re going to get two chapter results.”

That’s good advice for all of us. 

If we’re only skimming the surface of life instead of going all in, we may be short-changing ourselves as well as the ones we love. 

Decide what you really want

One of the most important questions you can ever ask yourself is “What do I really want to do with my life?”

It is really important that you know the answer.

There is a direct relationship between the level of clarity you have and virtually everything you accomplish in your life.

I have heard that many people spend more time planning their vacation than planning their future. I hope that is not true for you. If you don’t have goals you will merely drift and flow with the current. If you have goals, you will fly like an arrow straight to the target.

Here are some questions you should ask…

  •  What are the three most important relationship goals I have?
  •   What are the three most important family goals I have? 
  •   What are the three most important health and fitness goals I have? 
  •   What are the three most important money goals I have?

Writing the answers to these questions will give you clarity. You will be able to plot a course that will enable you to accomplish more in a year than most people do in ten years. 

And so remember…

Some of us live our lives as if we had a thousand years to live. Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality.

I leave you with one final piece of advice… 

Live each season of your precious life as if it were your last. Because you never know.

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