14 Fun Money Tricks That You Can Use to Easily Save $1000+

Money Tree

The Daily Saver

We like this one because it allows you to save a small amount each day.


Start with adding $1.00 to your savings on Monday. Then add an additional $2.00 on Tuesday. Add an additional $3.00 on Wednesday. Continue adding money to your savings throughout the week.

The total amount you will have saved in a week is $28.00.

Begin again on Monday by adding $1.00. Follow the same procedure each week.

Monthly Savings $112
Yearly savings $1456

The $1.00 and $5.00 Money Saving Trick

This money trick is easy! It’s amazing how fast your cash will add up.

Here’s how it works…

Look in your wallet at the end of each day and remove either the $1.00 or $5.00 bills (your choice). Keep your savings in a secure jar. You should be able to save several hundred dollars a year. Some people will save over $1000 a year (depending on how much you use cash as a payment method).

The 52 Week Saving Challenge

We LOVE this! It’s one of our favorite money tricks.

This is a fun game that will enable you to save $1000 towards your savings or a vacation.

Here’s how it works…

Choose a dollar amount each week (from the savings chart below) that you wish to contribute to your savings. Cross it off the chart.

You can choose to contribute $0 up to $60.00. (there are three weeks built in when you can choose $0 and not contribute anything at all).

  Have fun saving an extra $1000 a year!


The Stranger Test

This money trick is really going to surprise you. It’s going to save you so much money!

The “stranger test” will help you decide if something is worth buying.

Here’s how it works…
Imagine a stranger walking up to you with two items. They are holding in one hand the item you are considering purchasing (a jacket for $78). On the other hand, they are offering you $78 in cash. Which would you choose?

Spoiler… most people would choose cash.

It Starts With an Acorn

Join over 1 million people who automatically invest their everyday small change with Acorns.

It’s so easy. You won’t even realize you’re EFFORTLESSLY putting money for your future.

Here’s how it works…

Connect the cards and accounts you use to make everyday purchases.

Spend normally. Every purchase is rounded up to the next dollar. Watch your wealth grow as your spare change is automatically invested.

Example… You spend $28.67 at the supermarket. Your purchase is automatically rounded up to the nearest dollar (33 cents is invested in your Acorn savings account).

Every dollar you invest is automatically diversified among 7000 stocks and bonds to boost your return while reducing risk.

The AUTOMATIC roundups at Acorns make saving and investing easy. You’re going to be surprised how quickly those pennies will accumulate. You should be able to save a couple of hundred dollars a year effortlessly.

Join Acorns today and get $5.00 added to your account automatically.

The Photo Sleeve

This money trick will make you stop dead in your tracks every time. It makes a buying decision an emotional one. 

Create a sleeve for your credit card using a photo on each side. The photos should motivate you  It can be something you are saving for or it can be something you wish to erase from your life (a debt you are paying off). The point of this money-saving trick is to force you to consider the consequences of your spending. 

Bet You Won’t Fail

Do you have trouble accomplishing what you set out to do?

To help you really commit, three Yale Behavioral Economists started a website called StickK and they actually charge your credit card (toward a cause you HATE) if you fail to meet your goals.


Here’s how it works…

Choose a goal. Resolve to save a certain amount of money each week, lose some weight, or change some aspect of your life. Your goal should be something that is really important to you.

Decide how much money you are willing to lose if you don’t accomplish your goal. Make it motivating – it should be an amount that hurts!

Choose where your money will go if you lose.

Here’s where it gets motivating!

Many people increase their chances of winning their wager by choosing a charity that they HATE.

Here are some examples…

If you want stricter gun control laws, then make your charity the NRA.

If you’re a lifelong Democrat, then make your charity The Republican National Committee.

Invite someone you know and trust to monitor your progress and confirm your progress reports. This is important. Authorize your friend to tell StickK if you don’t meet your goal.

This is the BEST WAY we know to finally accomplish a goal that has been challenging you. 

StickK has been around since 2008. At present, more than 433,000 commitment contracts have already been completed. There is more than 38,000,000 million dollars on the line if people lose their commitment.

Last Digit Serial Number

This is a simple money trick that will help you save a couple of hundred dollars a year easily.

Here’s how it works…

Choose a favorite number from 0 to 9. Check your wallet at the end of each day to see if you have any $1.00 and $5.00 bills whose serial number ends with your favorite number. Remove them from your wallet and save them in a secure place.

Pay By Gift Cards

We’ve all done it. We thoughtfully put aside money for a special purchase and then RAIDED IT LATER to pay for something else.

Here’s a money trick to stop that from happening again…

Let’s say you want to buy a new blender ($300) at Walmart to make the smoothies you like so much. You normally put aside some money each week towards it, but in the past, you have raided the envelope. Your new solution is to buy gift cards as you go along. You may buy a $50 gift card one week and a $25 gift card the next. It’s totally up to you. Keep buying gift cards until you have saved enough to purchase what you want. 

Match Your Grocery Savings

Your local grocer typically notes on the bottom of your receipt the money you have saved by using their loyalty card or coupons. Contribute this amount to your savings or put it aside for something special (a summer vacation or holiday shopping.

Monthly Gift Cards

Do you make purchases many times each month in one place? One common expense is stopping for coffee each day. Sometimes you find yourself spending much more than expected. Prevent that from happening again by buying a gift card at the beginning of the month. You’re all done for the month when you use up the balance.

Continue Making Your Car Payments (after it’s paid off)

Automobile loan payments tend to last for a few years. They are a nuisance that you have learned to build into your budget. Paying the loan each month has become a habit. When your loan ends, continue the habit and keep contributing your usual loan payment into your savings account. Can you imagine how fast your savings will grow when you drop in a few hundred dollars a month?

Visualize Your Goals

Visualizing your goals makes your plans come true much quicker!

The simple act of posting visual reminders of your dreams adds an emotional aspect to what you really want. It makes them appear real.

Saving for a downpayment on your first home? Cut out some photos of homes in a town where you want to live. Post them in your home or at work where you will see them often.

Saving for a family vacation? Place some photos where everyone will see them. Place them in your children’s rooms. Get everyone involved. 

Crazy Password Saving Trips

You can stop spending money needlessly online by changing your passwords so that they act as reminders of your goals and special events. This money trick is a great reminder to save for something important.

Here are some ideas…

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