Ebates Review: Proven Secrets For Earning the Most Money

A beautiful day at the beach - the perks of Cash Back from reading our Ebates Review.

We're BIG FANS of Ebates.

It's easier than ever to EARN CASH BACK AT MORE THAN 2000 STORES ONLINE. Many people earn hundreds of dollars a year! 

We'll teach you how to "SUPERCHARGE" your earnings. Learn how to optimize double and triple cash back weeks, coupon and promo codes, daily deals, buy one - get one free deals, and even "STACK YOUR CASH BACK!

We're especially excited to tell you about the new cash back button and HOTEL AND VACATION CASH BACK DISCOUNTS. There is even "in-store" cash backs!


Written by Joel and Leah DePeri

Ebates Review Quick Facts

10 Million Ebates members

Total Cash Back Earned $1,000,000,000

Number of Merchants 2000+

Sign up Bonus
$10 Walmart Gift Card or $10 Ebates Cash Back

Receive your Payment by Check, Paypal, or donate to your favorite Charity

We have something to share with you...

    We're in love with Ebates.

We first learned about Ebates a few years ago. At the time, it was a fun way for us to earn a few dollars in cash rebates while we shopped online.

But that changed last year, when we realized there were ways to ​SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE OUR EARNINGS.

Here are some of Ebates 2000+ stores...

There are 2000+ stores offering cash back on everything you buy!!

Here are some stores that were recently offering cash back (We think you should recognize a few).



Disney Store



Bed Bath & Beyond



Pottery Barn

Lands End

Saks Fifth Ave


LL Bean

New Balance


British Airways

Best Buy



Childrens Place


Barnes & Noble



Ulta Beauty


Buy Buy Baby



Lord & Taylor



How​​​​ does Ebates work?

Ebates is our favorite online cash back and coupon website.

​It's easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. You can be earning money on items you normally buy online in no time at all.

Here's how it works...

Sign up for Ebates. Simply type in the store you wish to make a purchase from to check if they are a Ebates merchant. Click on the store link and you will be automatically sent to the store website. There is nothing else to do. Ebates creates a record of your purchase and sends you a rebate four times a year.

Example - Let's say you want to buy a dress and shoes for a wedding you're attending next month. You ran a search online and you found something attractive and reasonably priced at Macy's. The total charge is $118.00. You checked the Ebates website and noticed that Macy's is participating in Ebates Triple Cash Back week. This means that the normal 3% cash rebate is tripled to 9%. You definitely don't want to miss this special offer, so you click on the Macy's link and make a purchase. Ebates makes a note of the transaction and sends you a check for $10.62 in their next payout cycle.

Get CASH BACK on Every Purchase!

My friend did all her shopping online for Christmas and had a cash back check for $245 mailed to her!"        

Here's what we like...

Double and Triple Cash Back Weeks

Love the Double and Triple Cash Back weeks!

Check out some of the promotions from a recent cash back week...


9% Cash Back


8% Cash Back

JC Penney

9% Cash Back


10% Cash Back


6% Cash Back

Under Armour

10% Cash Back


10% Cash Back

Coupons, Promo Codes, and Daily Deals

There are MANY COUPON CODES for you to save big $$$ on. 

Here are some that were running during a recent holiday weekend.

  Don't forget... you also earn your Ebate percent cash back!


50% off Everything


Extra 30% off


50% off sitewide + extra 25% off $40


up to 50% off sitewide + extra 20% off

Old Navy

40% off sitewide

The Childrens Place

50% off sitewide + Free Shipping


30% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Ebates really goes WILD on these monster retail days!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest online saving days of the year.

You definitely want to use Ebates during the holiday shopping season. WE SAVE BIG every purchase we make.

Whether you are looking for electronics, toys, apparel, appliances or even holiday and home decor, you’re sure to find a deal for everything you are looking for this holiday season on Ebates.

Special Cash Back Events

You can earn SUBSTANTIAL CASH BACK during the monthly special events.

Here are a few awesome savings events that were featured...


14% cash back at 200+ stores

Ebates Birthday Week in May 

15% cash back at 400+ stores


10% cash back at 300+ stores

Here's How to "SUPERSIZE" Your Ebates Earnings

Get the Cash Back Button (new incentive)

Never miss cash back again!

In the past, we missed getting cash back because we didn't remember to check if the website we were making a purchase from was an Ebates merchant (remember that you have to click the  Ebates link to get credited). There was a several hundred dollar order from Advance Auto Parts that we missed. And the sign up incentive from Fios. That hurt!

Well, that won't happen again.

The new Ebates Cash Back Button is an automated tool that proactively finds discounts and lets you earn Cash Back—without visiting Ebates first.

You definitely want to take advantage of this!

Simply download the Google Chrome Ebates App. The Ebates Activation Button automatically appears in the upper right corner of your screen whenever you are on the website of an Ebates merchant. Just click to activate and shop as normal.

This new feature alone has BOOSTED our Ebates earnings substantially. We won't ever miss an opportunity to get cash back anymore!

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you use it yourself. You will be happy you did .

The Advantages of the Ebates Cash Back Button

Automatic notification that a website is an Ebates merchant

Automatically applies promo coupon codes for even more savings

Easily view your Cash Back earned

Cash back notifications in search results (we like this!)

Link to in-store cash back (new incentive)

Now you can earn cash back when you are shopping in a retail store!

​This new program lets you link your credit card to Ebates so you can earn money while you are shopping. Simply look through the offers, link to the ones you like, and start saving.

Already 40+ stores participating (more on the way!)

Lord & Taylor 

Bed Bath & Beyond


Buy Buy Baby

Saks Fifth Avenue



Under Armour

Hotel and Vacation Cash Back (new incentive)

Now it's possible to book your hotel room and earn 7% cash back at thousands of hotels when you use the Ebates link.

You're reading that right.

A full 7% cash back. No blackout dates. Always.

We were ABSOLUTELY STUNNED when Ebates unveiled this new program. This incentive alone will save the average family $100 or more on their vacation.

AND Ebates just started a new program that gives a full 10% rebate on hotel rooms if you book them on TRAVEL THURSDAYS.

Thanks Ebates!

Download the Ebates App to your Smartphone

Discover the hottest daily deals, new sale announcements, coupon codes and more with the Ebates Smartphone App.

Get notified when you get cash back.

Get notified when DOUBLE OR TRIPLE CASH BACK is offered at your favorite stores.

  Use your phone to link with Ebates to qualify for cash back when you are shopping in a retail store that offers In-Store Cash Back.

Ebates Visa Credit Card

How about an EXTRA 3% Cash Back in addition to the regular cash back you earn when you make a purchase through Ebates!

The Ebates Visa Card will MAXIMIZE the amount of cash back you can earn.

Ebates Visa Credit Card Advantages

3% EXTRA Cash Back on more than 2000+ stores

1% Cash Back on other purchases

$10 Cash Back Bonus on your first purchase

Stack your Cash Back

Are you aware that there are 10,000+ coupons on the Ebates website?

That's amazing!​

We're excited to teach you how to combine all those coupon codes with Cash Back so you could MAXIMIZE your earnings.

First, let us tell you that the "MAGIC" is combining as many discounts as possible. We're talking about stacking a store sale, coupon code, cash back discount, and even the Ebates Credit Card Visa discount.

Here's how it's done...

​Let's say you are planning a vacation to Florida. Your luggage has seen better days. You don't think it will survive another flight. 

You check the Ebates website and discover that JC Penney is participating in Double Cash Back week. Their regular 3% Cash Back discount is doubled to 6%.

You click the link and see that JC Penney has a special coupon code for Ebates customers - a 50% off for 48 hours sale!

You browse the JC Penney website and choose an attractive 3 piece American Tourister set with exceptional reviews for $400. It can be yours for $200 with the Ebates code.

Time to check out. You will receive the 6% Cash Back ($12) from Ebates in their next payment cycle.

                 $400     Original price of Luggage
              -  $200     Sale price with 50% Off Ebates Code
              - $ 12       Ebates Double Cash Back Discount
               $188      Final Price   $212 Savings

You can earn a further 3% discount​ by using the Ebates Visa Card. That will earn you another $5.64.

Tell everyone you know

You're going to LOVE Ebates. You will definitely want to tell your friends.

Here's a quick way to boost your earnings.

Here's a recent incentive plan...

Refer A Friend To Ebates 

Invite a friend to Ebates

They join and spend at least $25

You get $25, and they get $10

How does Ebates make money?

Every time you make a purchase, you get cash back and Ebates earns a thank you referral from the retailer for sending them a customer.

How it works - Petco sends a 8% commission to Ebates any time a customer makes a purchase. Ebates gives you 4% cash back for shopping at Petco and they keep 4% as a thank you referral fee.

This is a cost effective way for a retailer to earn a customer. The retailer is only charged when you make a purchase. That's why Ebates is such a great deal for you. The retailer is actually giving cash back to you rather than paying for expensive newspaper, televison, and radio advertising coverage.

Is Ebates available worldwide?

Ebates has separate websites in Canada, Korea, and Japan.

When will I receive my first check?

Ebates sends out their famous "Big Fat Check" four times a year.

Make a Purchase Between

 You Get Paid On 

January 1 - March 31

May 15

April 1 - June 30

August 15

July 1 - September 30

November 15

October 1 - December 31

February 15

Boost your Cash Back - (new incentive)

This is incredible!

Ebates will contact you a week before they issue your "BIG FAT CHECK" (Yes, that's what they call it) and give you an option... they will mail you a check for the amount you have earned or you can BOOST that amount by instantly accepting a gift card from dozens of stores. 


BOOST your check by 15%


BOOST your check by 8%


BOOST your check by 20%

Old Navy

BOOST your check by 12%

Bed Bath & Beyond

BOOST your check by 10%


BOOST your check by 12%

Ulta Beauty

BOOST your check by 10%

Here's what we wish were different...

​  We wish there was an option to get our cash back payment whenever we wished instead of waiting for the next payment cycle. We assume that its easier for them to send out checks all at once.

  Your entire purchase at Amazon will not qualify for Cash Back. It is limited to certain categories. It's still very extensive though. At the time we wrote this post... shoes, handbags, bedding, home decor, vacuums, cookware, bakeware, small appliances, kitchen tools, and Echo and Kindle devices were included.

In conclusion...

We know you will be very happy with Ebates.

We use it numerous times each month and earn Cash Back on everything from vitamins to tires. Ebates has saved us HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS on items that we were planning on buying anyway.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Always happy to hear from you.​

Get CASH BACK on Every Purchase!

"I love saving money with Ebates. I've been getting checks for years now. I have received over $4000 so far!      

Have you discovered any ways to boost your Ebates income? I'm sure there are some that we aren't aware of. We would love to hear more. Share with us in the comments below!

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