80+ Awesome Ways to Make Extra Money

We all have different reasons for wanting to make extra money. Maybe your car is costing you a lot in repairs and will need to be replaced soon. Perhaps your child has just turned ten and you realize that you haven't started saving for college yet.

Whatever your reason, there are MANY WAYS TO FILL YOUR WALLET WITH CASH.  We've listed more than EIGHTY to get you started. Hopefully you will discover one that you feel would be a good match for you.

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How Many Summers Do You Have Left?

Have you ever asked yourself how many summers you have left?

Probably not. It's not something we want to think about.

But YOUR NEXT SUMMER MAY BE YOUR LAST, or maybe you will have twenty or fifty three more. No one knows for sure.

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14 Money Saving Tricks That Will Make You Richer

Money Saving Tricks are games that you play with real money!

We're going to show you some of our FAVORITE (AND FUN)  ways to save money. Most will help you save a few hundred dollars with little effort. There are even some that will help you SAVE OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Have a fun time as you save for that special gift or family vacation. Try one of our games (or all of them). Enjoy!

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How a No Spend Challenge Can Make You Wealthy

A "No Spend Challenge" can change your life. It's a quick way to save hundreds of dollars and develop new money habits.

We feel that everyone should try a No Spend Challenge if they are seriously interested in improving their relationship with money. You will learn so much about yourself. You will become a richer person. There will finally be some extra money in your bank account at the end of the month. You will also learn to be grateful for what you have and you will discover that you don't "need" as many things as you used to.

It was a life changer for us. We think it will be for you too.

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Ebates Review: Proven Secrets For Earning the Most Money

We're big fans of Ebates.

It's easier than ever to EARN CASH BACK AT MORE THAN 2000 STORES ONLINE. Many people earn hundreds of dollars a year on everyday purchases that they would have made anyway.  

We'll teach you how to "SUPERCHARGE" your earnings and tell you about what works for us. Learn how to optimize double and triple cash back weeks, coupon and promo codes, daily deals, buy one - get one free deals, and even "STACK YOUR CASH BACK!

We're especially excited about the new cash back button and HOTEL AND VACATION CASH BACK DISCOUNTS. There is even "in-store" cash backs!

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